Naval Products

IR Rounds

Chemring Countermeasures has developed an unrivalled expertise in Infra Red decoy payloads. This is a result of considerable research work in emitting compositions over many years and of developing IR decoys for the UK MoD and other governments.

RF Rounds

Chemring Countermeasures' expertise lies in its deep understanding of the decoy materials associated with radar signals and the tactical deployment of such materials. The company is one of the world's largest and most successful chaff manufacturers.

Other Products

Chemring Countermeasures offers other innovative solutions to combat the growing number of IR and RF threats, including the Large Payload Carrier, chaff payloads for incorporation into other decoy systems, and to support its naval expendable decoy range, Chemring Countermeasures has produced a number of 130mm compatible practice and Drill rounds.


The CENTURION 130mm trainable launcher has been designed by Chemring Countermeasures to offer dynamic soft kill countermeasure protection by delivering accurate payload placement to maximise decoy effectiveness. With CENTURION the Command has a versatile capability generally unhampered by current ship's heading considerations; a vital attribute in modern warfare.